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User Membership


You can view the user membership plan details on the Front Admin page. If eligible for, you can also upgrade the user membership plan to a higher plan.

User membership plan can only be upgraded through the Front Admin. You can perform other membership tasks from the back end using information given in the Membership section of the Administrative Guide.

The following screen shows the Membership details for the user.


Screen 1: Membership details

To upgrade the user membership plan you can either click Upgrade Your Membership NOW or click the Membership tab on the Front Admin page. The membership plans that are available for upgrade are shown as seen in the following image.


Screen 2: Membership plans

Click Upgrade to upgrade to the higher plan. You can then select an appropriate mode of payments and complete the transaction.

To see the Upgrade button for any plan, ensure that you have configured PayPal or other payment gateway details. For more information, see PayPal Configuration.

Screen 3: PayPal configurations