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Latest Items Module


Modules are extensions that assist in creating blocks of information on your site. They aggregate information from components and can be placed in predefined positions on the page based on your Joomla template.

JomHoliday Latest module

This module helps you create the panel where latest listings are displayed. You can decide where to position the latest panel on the page and also control on which pages the panel should appear. To view all the available modules, click Extension > Module Manager > JomHoliday Items

Editing the JomHoliday Latest module

To edit the module, click on the module link or select the checkbox next to the module name, and then click Edit.

The following image shows the module edit screen.


Screen 7: Module tab

Module tab

This tab controls the layout where the latest listings panel is to be displayed on the screen.

Provide the options as per the following table.


Select the required layout in the Layout field. The available options are:

  • Slider – Displays the latest listings in the form of a slideshow.
  • Default –Displays the latest listings in the default format.


  • Grid – Displays the latest listings in a grid format.
  • Clean - Displays the latest listings in a clean format
Columns count Number of columns of listing that should be listed in the panel


Number of listings that should be listed in the panel.

A number of Characters

Number of characters that will be displayed in the short description for listing thumbnail.

Image Width

Provide the image width for the thumbnail image.

If Slider Layout set, image width must be the same size than Slider Width or larger.

Image Format

The format for the thumbnail listing image. 
1:1 = Image will be unchanged. 
4:3 = image will be resized to 4:3 format. 
10:9 = Image will be resized to 10:9 format.

Latest or IDs

Select how you want the listings to be displayed as:

  • Latest
  • IDs

Enter IDs

If ID is selected in the column above, mention the starting ID of the listing.


Enable to show only featured listings.

Show Address

Enable to show the address of the listing.

Show Description

Enable to show the description up to the character limit set.


Enable either of the following options.

  • Current Browse (auto) – Automatically displayed based on the category.
  • Selected Below – Listings belonging to only these categories are shown.

Choose Category

If Selected Below is selected for the above field, select the required category.

Sort Options

Select how the displayed listings should be sorted by.

  • Latest
  • Most Viewed
  • Alphabetically
  • Updated
  • Most Rated DESC
  • Most Rated ASC

Slider Settings


Slider Width

Slider width in pixels

Slider Height

Slider height in pixels

Slide Delay (seconds)

Slideshow delay in seconds

Slider Shadow

Enable to provide the shadow effect.

Slider Thumbs

Enable to show image thumbnails

Slider Caption

Enable to show the image caption.

Show Title

Show or hide the title for the search panel.


Select the position based on your Joomla Template.


Select from the given options.

  • Published
  • Unpublished
  • Trashed

Start Publishing

Provide a date when the latest listings panel should be published.

Finish Publishing

Provide a date when the latest listings panel should be unpublished.


Provide access level for the panel.

  • Guest
  • Public
  • Registered
  • Special


Provide the order in which the side panel should appear. If more than one module is positioned at the same location, you can set the order of appearance in this field.


Select the language for which you want to display this panel. For each language, you must create a new JomHoliday Latest module.


Provide additional information.

Menu Assignment tab

This tab controls where the module should be displayed. You can decide if it should be displayed on all pages for the site or just selective pages.


Screen 9: Menu Assignment tab

Select the required menu for module assignment. The available options are:

  • On all pages
  • No pages
  • Only on the pages selected
  • On all pages except those selected