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Listing as Tours


Tours are time based trips with fixed dates and prices, just like Resources, multiple Tours can be created. To create a tour for the listing, first it needs to be set under listing.

Managing Tours for a listing

For a listing created, you can either add a new tour or view the existing tours for that listing.

obraz.pngScreen 2: tours access

To view the tours attached to a listing, click the red folder icon. and Click on Tour title:


Edit tour tab

This tab provides options to create a name and edit a tour. 


Provide the options as seen in the following table.

Title Provide a name for the tour.
Maximum Persons Maximum number of people that can be accommodated within a tour.
Start Date Tour start date
Days Duration of the trip in days
Price Price per one Adult
Price for kids Price per one Child
Transport Type Available Transport (configured under Tours Transport)
Description Description of the trip

Images tab

This tab includes information about images and videos attached to the listing. Before you can add images to the tour, you must save your tour at least once. This ensure that all the other data you have filled for the listing does not disappear after the images are added.

The Images tab can be seen as shown in the following image:


Screen 4: Images tab

To set the the Order of the images (which one displayed first) drag and drop images to switch positions.
The first image in the gallery is used as the image thumbnail for the tour.

Provide options as seen in the following table.


Add file area

Add Files

Click to select the image that needs to be uploaded.


Drag & Drop Files Here

Drag a bunch of images to this area to upload multiple images.


Add available images & attachments

Click to add already uploaded images and attachments to this listing.

Images area

Editing an Image


Click the  Edit icon to edit the image details. The options are as seen in the following image:


Click the Delete icon to delete the image.