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Profile & Settings (User Profile)


After creating a user, a user can edit his profile details such as password, email address, language settings, timezone settings, and much more.

To edit your profile, from the Front Admin, click Profilen.

Editing a profile

On the Profile screen, click Edit Profile

The following screen shows the different fields you can edit for a profile.

Provide the values as given in the following table.

Edit Your Profile


Provide a name.



Cannot be edited.



Provide a new password.


Confirm Password

Confirm the new password.


Email Address

Provide a new email address.


Confirm email Address

Confirm the new email address.

Basic Settings


Select one of the following:

  • Editor – CodeMirror
  • Editor-none
  • Editor-TinyMCE


Select a timezone.


Frontend language

Select the required language for front end.


Backend Template Style

Select from the available templates or keep as default.


Backend language

Select the required language for back end.


Help Site

Select from the available Help site options for your required language.

Additional Options


Click Choose File to select an image for the user profile picture.


Eventbrite User Key

Provide the key for JomEvent extension.


Plan expiry

This field is controlled by the site admin.

To save the settings you changed, click Submit. If you click the Settings link on the Front Admin screen, it will take you to the Edit Profile page.