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Front Admin Overview


The dashboard gives a quick snapshot of all the tasks that you can perform using the Front Admin. It also provided multiple menu items that you can use to create listings, view listings, view membership plans, and so on. The other options that you can control are approving reviews, viewing statistics, upgrading membership for a particular user, and so on.

For the Menu to be able to access the JomEvents Front Admin, certain settings need to be made. You must create the Profile Edit Menu link, Admin Menu link, and Profile View Menu link in the JomEvents Front Admin configurations to be able to access Front Admin. For more information, see the Front Admin Options section in the Menu Items documentation.

Accessing the dashboard

When you access the home URL for JomEvents extension, do the following:

  1. Click Front Admin.
  2. Provide the login details for the required user and click Submit.

You can access Front Admin either as an agent or a company. Based on the login used, the pages displayed change too.

The dashboard as seen by a company with various options can be seen as shown in the following image.

obraz.pngScreen 2: Dashboard screen

You can click the options as seen in the following table.


Most Viewed graph

View the statistics for the site based on the listings viewership.


Upgrade Your Membership NOW!

Upgrade to another membership plan. Click Upgrade on the plan tab for the plan you want to upgrade to as shown here.



View the profile details for your profile.