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Configuration Steps


These configuration steps needs to be done in order for the component to work correctly.

Joomla / Groups

Membership Plans are based on the Joomla Groups therefore before creating any of the Membership plans - corresponding Joomla groups needs to be created. The main group for the component needs to be called JomOffers. Each of the plans needs to be placed under that JomOffers parent group e.g. 


  • Free
  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold


Screen 1: Joomla Membership


It is important to set the right permissions for the components: Comdev and Directory, in order for the users to access the Front Admin. Otherwise Users won't be able to access the Front Admin (Permissions Denied) or get 500 Error when trying to upload the images.

Example below shows access for the Registered Group. Same settings should be applied for each group that should have access to the Front Admin. 

Setting permissions for the Comdev Extension


Screen 2: Comdev Permissions 

Setting permissions for the Directory Extension


Screen 3: JomOffers Permissions