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Smart Search


Search technology has improved considerably over the years since Joomla was first launched and yet the standard, basic search component has not changed much over that time. It is still very crude and lacks the kind of search features that web users have come to expect, especially given the prevalence of advanced search engines such as Google. Smart Search allows you to incorporate some of those more advanced search features into your website.

To start using the Smart Search feature, click Components > Smart Search.

Ensure that instead of standard search module you use Smart Search Module pre-installed with Joomla.

Indexing pages using Smart Search component

For all the pages created on the site to be part of the search results or be indexed, indexing needs to be done consistently. 

Provide the values or options based on the information given in the following table.


Click to index all the newly created pages on the site.


Publish the indexed content


Unpublish the indexed content


Delete the indexed content


Permanently erase the indexed content


Click to view the linking statistics of the indexed items.

Ensure that JomDirectory Smart Search plugin is present and enabled under Plugins. Otherwise component content won't be found.

Search Filters

You can create search filters that customized to your search requirements. 

To create a new search filter, click New.

Editing a Search Filter

Edit Filter tab

Provide the value as described in the following table.


Provide a name for the search filter.


Provide an alias for the filter.

Map Count

Auto populated field

Search criteria

Select the search criteria as per your requirement.

  • Search All
  • Search by Author
  • Search by Category
  • Search by Language
  • Search by Type


Select the required status

  • Published
  • Unpublished

Filter Timeline tab

Provide the options as described in the following table.

When (Start Date)

Select the time period from the following options.

  • None
  • Before
  • Exactly
  • After

Start Date

Select a start date.

When (End Date)

Select the time period from the following options.

  • None
  • Before
  • Exactly
  • After

End Date

Select an end date.