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QuickStart Installation

QuickStart Package

QuickStart is only available for the Business Plan Subscribers.

Please use FTP BINARY mode when transferring files.

The whole process is very easy to run, treating it like a normal installation of Joomla 4 environment, already containing Joomla Template, Extension, Modules and Plugins used in the project, their respective settings, content, positioning of modules and menus assignment, exactly how you can enjoy on our demo.

Please notice that demo content should not be used on a production site, real data should be inserted instead.

Installation steps

An installation of the  Quickstart package is a really simple process

Go to your new host and create a database. If your host has a cPanel, this can be done using the database wizard. If you aren't sure how to create a database, please contact your Joomla hosting company.

Write down the name, username and password for the new database. You will need it during the installation process.

Unzip and Upload USING BINARY MODE Joomla files to you new EMPTY hosting space. There cannot be another Joomla install in the hosting space you upload it to. Unpacking the files will overwrite any existing Joomla files.

Now to go your URL: and follow the directions. If your host is not yet set up with your live URL, contact your hosting company to find out the temporary URL you should use to view the site.

Tips during installation:

Note when you put in the database info, they ask for username first, and database name after.

If the system cannot read your database, go back and verify the username and password.

Do NOT enable the FTP feature during the process. Just click next when you get to that screen.

Using FTP rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess (with a dot in front) file or turn off URL rewriting in Joomla. If you encounter an error when accessing site, edit .htaccess and comment out the line: #Options +FollowSymLinks 

That's it after installation you can safely delete installation folder and access the site with credentials setup during installation.

Download and Update both extensions when Quickstart installation is done. Quickstart is being updated periodically!