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Template is based on the Warp 7 framework which is fast and powerful template engine.


Template do not include JomDirectory Component or Addons. These can be purchased separately.

Template Configuration

Template settings can be accessed under Joomla backend template configuration:

Code Block
Extensions -> Templates -> cd_businesspages


Base settings has not been changed set to default.




There are several styles available for each module. The basic ones are Box and Box Header. For each module header additionally an icon can be set.

Overall modules styles are presented here:

Top Menu

Top menu has been placed on the MENU position.

Responsive Menu

In order to make the menu responsive, create a copy of the menu in off canvas position.

Full width position TOP-SLIDE

TOP-SLIDE is the full width position. Any content can be placed there  e.g. background image with JomDirectory Search Module for on TOP-SLIDE-OVER-A position:

Alternatively JomDirectory Map Search can be set or Slideshow Pro Module in TOP-SLIDE position.  

Full width positions TOP-SLIDE-OVER-A and TOP-SLIDE-OVER-B

These 2 position can be stacked on top of the slider.

JomDirectory layout is set to ADDRESS

Call Customer Service Box

Custom HTML module placed in TOOLBAR-R position with content:

Code Block
<div  class="call-us-box">
<span class="call-us"><i class="uk-icon-mobile-phone uk-icon-medium"></i> <label>Call Customer Services on: </label> <span class="call-us-number "> 800 122 122</span></span>

Logo has been uploaded and placed under Custom HTML module with code:

Code Block
<img src="images/logo.png" />

Logo must be placed in the logo position for the menu to be seen in the Menu position.

Home Page Categories

JomDirectory Menu Categories view has been set default layout.