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Administration dashboard gives you an overview of all the activities you can do using the JomEvents extension. It provides you a view of all the menu items, system configuration checks, license information, and links to the documentation.

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Screen 1: Dashboard screen

Menu Items

The menu items are present in a grid format as well as in a list format for easy access. The following image shows the Menu items present on the dashboard screen.

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Screen 2: Menu items area

The following table provides an explanation about different menu items available:

Menu Items



Home or dashboard for the JomEvents extension

AddressShows the Address administration screen

Custom Fields

Shows the Custom Fields administration screen


Shows the Categories administration screen

Venues CategoriesShows the Venues Categories administration screen
VenuesShows the Venues administration screen
EventsShows the Events administration screen

Membership Plans

Shows the Membership Plans administration screen


Shows the messages received


Access the JomEvents documentation.

System Configuration Checks

Any configuration problems or current configuration status is displayed in this area as shown in the following screen:

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Screen 3: System configuration checks area


The license information for the Comdev JomEvents extension can be seen here. It also provides the option to upload a license key. For more information, see License documentation.

The following image shows the License area in the dashboard screen.

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Screen 4: License area



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