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PHP version

          PHP 5.3 6 or later

MySQL server

          MySQL version 5.0 or later (we recommend the very latest stable release)


          Any web server daemon - such as Apache, Nginx or IIS, which is fully compatible with the required PHP configuration.

Recommended PHP settings



PHP Syntax

max_execution_time:"100"max_execution_time = 100  
max_input_time: "100"input_time = 100
magic_quotes_gpc: "Off"magic_quotes_gpc = Off
memory_limit: "10M"memory_limit = 10M

file_uploads: "On"

file_uploads = On

upload_max_filesize: "4M"

upload_max_filesize = 4M
short_open_tag: Onshort_open_tag = On
php_short_tags: Onphp_short_tags = On

Apache server settings

If you have mod_security installed on your apache web server, please ensure that it is disabled.