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  1. Rename the file "htaccess.txt" in your Joomla!'s base folder to ".htaccess".
  2. This step may not be necessary. Open .htaccess in a text editor. Uncomment RewriteBase / (remove the first character, #). If Joomla is installed in its own folder, the enter the Joomla folder name after the backslash. e.g. RewriteBase /yourjoomlafolder.
  3. Log on to your Back-end and open the Global Configuration.
  4. Enable the Search Engine Friendly URLs option and Save. This option converts the URLs from the native Joomla! format to the SEF format.
  5. Enable the Use Apache mod_rewrite/URL rewriting option and Save. This option uses the Apache mod_rewrite function to eliminate the "index.php" portion of the URL.

    (Note:This can in some circumstances stop your Joomla front end working, if it does set back to No)
  6. If you think it's necessary, enable Add suffix to URLs and Save. This option adds .html to the end of URLs. There are different opinions on whether this is necessary or even useful. Search engines do not seem to care if your URLs end in .html or not.
  7. Open the Plugin Manager and enable the System - SEF plugin. This plugin adds SEF support to links in your Joomla articles. It operates directly on the HTML and does not require a special tag.
    Add these lines:

Installer, will automatically do that for you, however if you experience problems, please do the following:

I have problem installing JomDirectory