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Template is based on the Warp 7 framework which is fast and powerful template engine.


Template Configuration

Template settings can be accessed under Joomla backend template configuration:

Extensions -> Templates -> cd_travellist


Base settings has not been changed set to default.


Sidebar-a has been set for left alignment


Logo must be placed in the logo position for the menu to be seen in the Menu position.


Modules styles has been set accordingly:

There are several styles available for each module. The basic ones are Box and Box Header. For each module header additionally an icon can be set.

Modules Styles

Examples of the module styles set:

Module Style NamePreview
Box Orange
Box Orange Fill
Box Dark

There are also other styles available. Please check template demo.

Travel Menu

Menu module style Menu Orange was set:

Each category heading must be set as Menu Heading to have the menu categorized:

Additionally an icon for menu item can be set under menu options in Link CSS Style:

The Latest menu item will be displayed in red colour with calendar icon in front.

Responsive Menu

In order to make the menu responsive, create a copy of the main menu and place it in off canvas position.


Special template position has been created to display full width image/slideshow: Top-Slide. To place any content on the Top-Slide addionally 2 positions can be used: Top-Slide-Over-A and Top-Slide-Over-B.

For static background image use:

<div style="background-image: url("images/Slider/slider.jpg"); height: 280px;" class="tm-image uk-text-center"></div>

Call Customer Service Box

Custom HTML module placed in Toolbar-L position with content:

<span class="call-us"><i class="uk-icon-mobile-phone uk-icon-medium"></i> <label>Call Customer Services on: </label> <span class="call-us-number "> 800 122 122</span></span>
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