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Template is based on the Warp 7 framework which is fast and powerful template engine.


Template Configuration

Template settings can be accessed under Joomla backend template configuration:

Extensions -> Templates -> cd_memotravel


Base settings has not been changed set to default.


Sidebar-a has been set for left alignment


Position Appereance


Modules styles has been set accordingly:

There are several styles available for each module. The basic ones are Box Primary and Box Secondary. For each module header additionally an icon can be set.

Modules Styles

Examples of the module styles set:

Module Style NamePreview
Box Primiary
Box Secondary

There are also other styles available. Please check template demo.

Logo must be placed in the logo position for the menu to be seen in the Menu position.


Logo custom HTML should be placed without any extra tags like <p> otherwise it may appear as two lines. Editor should not be used to place it, just plain HTML e.g.

<img src="images/logo.jpg" alt="logo" />


Logo Small 

Logo small can be placed on the logo-small position to show on the mobile menu  


Additionally an icon for menu item can be set under menu options in Link CSS Style:

Responsive Menu

In order to make the menu responsive, create a copy of the main menu and place it in off canvas position.

Slideshow FullScreen

Special template position has been created to display full width image/slideshow: Fullscreen. To place any content on the Fullscreen addionally Fullscreen-over can be used

For static background image use:

<div style="background-image: url("images/banner_main.jpg"); height: 750px;" class="tm-image uk-text-center"></div>

Fullscreen-Over Content

We have placed JomHoliday search module under Fullscreen-Over position with style set to Blank under template modules configuration.

TOP-A Position

Custom HTML Module:

<div class="uk-text-center">
<h1>Great holidays offers starting from 99€</h1>
<h2>Check out fantastic offers from around the world!</h2>

TOP-C Parallax Effect

Custom HTML Module:

<div class="tm-parallax-fullscreen tm-parallax-background parallax uk-text-center" style="background-image:url('images/banner_main_dotted.jpg'); height: 400px; padding-top: 120px; box-sizing: border-box" data-img-width="1980" data-img-height="1064" data-diff="400">
<h1 style="color: #FFF">We are happy to make you happier</h1>
<h2 style="color: #f1f1f1">Etiam porta sem malesuada magna mollis euismod. Nullam quis isus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Fusce dapibus, Aenean e u leo quam. Pellentesque ornare sem lacinia.</h2>

Page Content - Get Connected

<div class="uk-text-center">
<h1>Get Connected</h2>
<h2>Everyone who wants to get connected with us regularly, do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!</h2>
<ul class="uk-grid uk-margin-top">
<li class="uk-width-medium-1-5"><a class="uk-social-link" href="#" target="_blank"><span class="uk-social-icon"><i class="uk-icon-twitter uk-icon-large"></i></span><h3 class="ut-social-title">Twitter</h3><span class="ut-social-info"> Follow us on Twitter </span></a></li>
<li class="uk-width-medium-1-5 "><a class="uk-social-link" href="#" target="_blank"><span class="uk-social-icon"><i class="uk-icon-facebook uk-icon-large"></i></span><h3 class="ut-social-title">Facebook</h3><span class="ut-social-info"> Join the Conversation </span></a></li>
<li class="uk-width-medium-1-5 "><a class="uk-social-link" href="#" target="_blank"><span class="uk-social-icon"><i class="uk-icon-google-plus uk-icon-large"></i></span><h3 class="ut-social-title">Google</h3><span class="ut-social-info"> Join Our Circle </span></a></li>
<li class="uk-width-medium-1-5 "><a class="uk-social-link" href="#" target="_blank"><span class="uk-social-icon"><i class="uk-icon-youtube uk-icon-large"></i></span><h3 class="ut-social-title">Youtube</h3><span class="ut-social-info"> View Exclusive Videos </span></a></li>
<li class="uk-width-medium-1-5 "><a class="uk-social-link" href="#" target="_blank"><span class="uk-social-icon"><i class="uk-icon-instagram uk-icon-large"></i></span><h3 class="ut-social-title">Instagram</h3><span class="ut-social-info"> Latest Images </span></a></li>


JomHoldiay Ajax Map Search Module

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