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You can view all the listings created for your site or create a new listing.  The listings created let you add descriptions, images, provide ratings, and much more. 

Creating a New Listing

The following image shows the Listings screen.

Screen 1: Listing screen              

The following table explains the different options seen on the screen.



Insert New

Creates a new listing entry. You must create separate entries for each level of depth that you need.


Publishes the created listing entry.


Removes the entry from the list of published entries.


Deletes the listing entry that is not required anymore.

Adding a new listing

To create a new listing, click Add New from the Dashboard Menu list. The new listing page is displayed.

New Listing tab

This tab provides options to add title, description, select category, and other options for the Listing as seen in the following image:

Screen 2: New Listing tab

The following table shows the options available:




New Listing area

Event Name

Title for the Listing.


Event Description

Provide a description for the listing.


Article Button

Click to select a relevant article. If an article is provided, it can be seen under the Details tab in the listing.

Buttons for the editor are available when enabled under Site Backadmin -> Plugins and WYSIWYG editor turned On in Joomla Configuration.
 ImageClick to upload images related to the listing.


Toggle editor Button

Toggle between plain text and rich text editor


Read More Button

Insert a separation for creating short description. Any content above the dotted line is displayed as the short description.

In the above image, the red dotted line appears when you click Read More. Any content above the red line is the short description, while the entire content is the long description. Also, note that if there is no content after the Read More tag, the event description will be blank when users view the listing. Ensure that you have content after the Read More tag.
 Event Short DescriptionProvide a short description for the listing.
 AliasProvide a SEO-friendly alias for the listing.


Category where the listing will be published.
 VenueSelect the venue where the event will be held.
 Event Start DateSelect the date when the event begins.
 Event Finish DateSelect the date when the event ends.
 YouTubeProvide a YouTube URL link for the listing.
 VimeoProvide a vimeo URl link for the listing.



Select the required status.

  • Published
  • Unpublished
  • Trashed
  • Archived



Enable to make the listing appear as featured listing.

Feature Count is being checked when saving listing for the selected Membership Plan.



Select the language for which the listing needs to appear for. For multiple languages, you must create separate entries for each language.



For more information about how the location mapping is done in the listing, see Listings in the Administrative Guide.

Custom Fields area

This area includes all the custom fields created for a particular category. If the custom field is not applied to a specific category, it can be seen for all categories when creating a listing. The following image shows the Custom Fields tab screen.

Screen 3: Custom fields area

For more information about creating custom fields, see Custom Fields.

Images tab

Screen 5: Images tab

To add an image, do the following:

  1. Click Add Image.
  2. Provide options as seen in the following image.

    You can provide values using the following table.



    Title or alias

    Provide a title for the Image.


    Select from the following options:

    • Slideshow - detailed view main gallery
    • Gallery - in gallery tab
    • Features- displayed under features.



    Select the required status.

    • Published
    • Unpublished


    Order in which you want the image to appear.


    Click Choose File and provide the image.


    Provide a description about the image.

  3. Click Save.

For more information about editing images or deleting images, see Images in the Administrative Guide.

You can also provide YouTube video links for the listing. Provide the link as shown in the above image.

Some features or tabs are enabled based on the user membership. If the user is attached to a membership plan that does not allow adding attachments, he will not be able to see any options under the Attachments tab. These membership limitations are checked for when you save the listing.

Metadata tab

This tab includes the Meta title and Meta description for the listing as shown in the following image:

Screen 6: Meta data tab




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