PayPal settings can be found under Front Admin tab in the JomDirectory configurations. For more information, see Configurations in the Administrative Guide.

Obtaining a PDT TOKEN

Payment Data Transfer (PDT) is used to allow merchants to view order-related information for customers on the site where PayPal is activated. To use PDT, you must activate PDT and Auto Return in your PayPal account profile. You must also acquire a PDT identity token, which is used in all PDT communication you send to PayPal.


Screen 1: PDT Token creation

Configure your account to use the PDT using the following steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click the Profile sub tab.
  3. Click Website Payment Preferences in the Seller Preferences column.
  4. Under Auto Return for Website Payments, click the On radio button.

Ensure that you enable Auto Return to use PDT.

  1. For the Return URL, enter the URL on your site that will receive the transaction ID posted by PayPal after a customer payment.
  2. Under Payment Data Transfer, click the On radio button.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Website Payment Preferences in the Seller Preferences column.
  5. Scroll down to the Payment Data Transfer section of the page to view your PDT identity token.
If PDT is already enabled as per the instructions above, to view your token, follow steps 1-3 from the above procedure. After you are in the Website Payment Preferences area for your account, you can view the token under the PDT On/Off area.

A confirmation message is displayed the top of the page indicating that you have successfully enabled PDT. Your identity token is also shown within that message, as well as below the PDT On/Off radio buttons.

Configuring PDT Token in JomDirectory

After you receive the PDT Token, you must provide this information in the Front Admin tab under JomDirectory configurations.

Screen 2: PDT token configuration

To complete the PayPal configurations, provide the values as given in the following table:



Enable PayPal

Enable to start using PayPal

PayPal Email Address

Provide the email address registered with PayPal.

Use PayPal Sandbox

Enable to use PayPal sandbox.

PayPal Sandbox Merchant Email

Provided the email address registered with PayPal Sandbox.

Paymens Success Article ID

Payment successful article ID

This configuration is essential if you want to use membership plans.




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