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This guide will help you get started with using the JomHoliday extension quickly. It highlights preliminary steps that are must for JomHoliday configurations. After you are done with them, you can go ahead and create the listings on your site.

Menus are used to control website navigation and are a set of menu items. Menu items provide the navigational experience to your users. The menu items in our case must point to the JomHoliday. It is mandatory that you create menu links such that Items menu and the Front Admin access is created.

Get started with creating menu links using the information given in the Menu Items documentation in the Administrative Guide.

Creating Groups

In order to add users to groups for membership plans, you must create a super group named JomHoliday. Then, under it you must create groups for each of your membership plan. These groups are used to provide Group ID when creating a membership plan. Users created using User Manager can be linked to each of these membership plan groups.

To begin with creating groups for membership plans, go through the Creating a Group documentation in the Administrative Guide.

Creating Membership Plans and memberships

Memberships in JomHoliday are required to set user group level based on the monthly/Yearly pay plan the user selects. Using membership plans, you can decide how much to charge a user and how many listings a user can make for a particular membership plan.

Before you can create a membership plan, you must create Joomla groups using the above section information. Read more about creating membership plans for your site using the Memberships section in the Administrative Guide.

Adding a New Address

The Address feature, as the name suggests, lets you provide the country, region and city for the respective product listing. The advantage with the Address field in JomHoliday is that after you configure a particular address, it is shared across various components in the Comdev extension.

Get started with creating addresses that will be used in your listings by referring to the Address documentation in the Administrative Guide.

Adding a New Category

Categories allow the site owner to categorize listings into appropriate sections. JomHoliday categories are independent from the Joomla category system. Nested categories (sub-categories) are supported in JomHoliday. Component comes with a category named "UNCATEGORIZED", which is the default setting. This category holds listing items that are not attached to any category (same function as the default Joomla system).

To start with creating categories, follow the Categories documentation in the Administrative Guide.

Adding Custom Fields

Custom fields are a powerful tool to build content. We provide a variety of field types with the ability to outline into groups. Each field can be assigned into a single category or all categories. Custom fields in JomHoliday provide multiple options such as dropdowns, text area, radio buttons, and so on. Based on your requirement create a custom field and make it searchable for better user experience.

Read more about how to create custom fields in the Custom Fields section from the Administrative Guide.

Adding a Resource

Resources are specific details about a listing. For example, in case of a Hotel, they can be the different types of rooms that the hotel offers, while in case of a property with multiple villas, it can be different types of villas that are offered. Bookings are always made against a resource type that exist for a listing.

Find out more about creating resources for listings in the Resources section of the Administrative Guide.

Adding Booking addons

After you click book for a particular listing, you can select additional facilities that the listing provides for an extra cost. These addons are added using the Booking Addons screen in the back end.

You can find out more about how to create these addons using the Booking Addons section in the Administrative Guide.

Adding a Business Type

Each of the listing that you create must be linked to a business type. Business type may include the type of accommodation the listing is about, such as Spa, cottage, apartment, and so on. 

To learn more about how to add business types, see Business Types.

Creating a New Listing

Listings are nothing but the product listings that you want to create. Each listing is attached to a category. They are created in the same manner as Joomla articles, but are not related to Joomla articles in definition.

Get started with creating listings for each category by referring to the Listings section in the Administrative Guide.

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