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Price types allow the site owner to categorize price types into appropriate sections. Nested price types (sub-price types) are supported in JomEstate. JomEstate comes with a price type named "UNCATEGORISED" which is the default setting. This price type will list properties which are not attached to any price type (same function as the default Joomla categories system).

Screen 1: Price type listing

Creating A New Price Type

To add a Price type to JomEstate, click New. 

Screen 2: Create a new price type

New Category tab

Provide the values as given in the following table.



Title for the price type.


URL alias for “SEF/SEO” URL.


Choose the parent category item.

Text area

Provide a description in the text area.

Toggle editor ButtonClick to toggle between rich text and plain text editor.
Article ButtonClick to select a relevant article. If an article is provided, it can be seen under the Details tab in the listing.
Image ButtonClick to select an image you want to add to the listing.
Category ImageCurrently not being used.

Publishing tab

After you have provided the above information, you can provide the publishing information in the Publishing tab as seen in the following image.

Screen 3: Publishing tab

You can change the values for the given options using the following table.




Based on the status seen here, the visibility changes as follows:

  • Published - Entries are visible on the front-end. 
  • Unpublished – Entries are invisible in the front-end, but can be published later. 
  • Archived – Older entries that are not ready for deletion yet. 
  • Trashed – Older entries that should be removed.


Access level for site users is as follows:

  • Public access grant access to everybody.
  • Registered access grants access only to registered and logged in users.
  • Special access only grants access to users specified as “Special”.


Select the language for the price type.


Address ID, which can be used in modules, plugins and menus.

Created by

User name who created the entry.

Created Date

Date when the entry was created.

Metadata tab

The metadata tab is used to provide metadata information for a particular address entry. The options for this tab can be seen as shown in the following image.

Screen 4: Metadata tab


You can change the values for the given options using the following table.




Meta Description

Meta-description for search-engine listings.

Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords for the search-engine


Content author metadata.


Robots instructions:

  • Use Global
  • Index, Follow
  • No Index, Follow
  • Index, No Follow
  • No Index, No Follow

Table Of Contents

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