1. Problem when accessing listing details, page refresh but listing details can't be seen

When you are setting up extensions, for the menus to display correctly along with other settings such as Logo placements, it is important that you create a Menu Items link that does NOT point to any category or address.

Though you are creating an Items link that does not point to any category or address, you can create other links with Items menu type that can point to an address or a category once main Items link has been created. More about can be found under Menu Items.

This link is also being used for the search results and filtering along with it's alias. 

If you use multilingual site, this link needs to be created for each listing

2. Some scripts are not loading, calendar is missing, images are not showing

If you encounter problems with some component elements like scripts or images are not loading, the most common issue is, that website is placed under domain directory instead of the root of the domain / subdomain:

www.site.com/mysite  WRONG

www.mysite.site.com  CORRECT

3. Join membership does not work, when clicked on join button nothing happen

Default membership group needs to be set in order for the membership join page work correctly, please check the following:

  1. Membership groups has been configured correctly:
  2. Default join group has been set under component Options -> Front Admin tab

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