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Server software requirements

PHP version

          PHP 5.6 or later

MySQL server

          MySQL version 5.0 or later (we recommend the very latest stable release)

Web server

          Any web server daemon - such as Apache, Nginx or IIS, which is fully compatible with the required PHP configuration.

Recommended PHP settings


PHP Syntax

max_execution_time:"100"max_execution_time = 100  
max_input_time: "100"input_time = 100
magic_quotes_gpc: "Off"magic_quotes_gpc = Off
memory_limit: "10M"memory_limit = 10M

file_uploads: "On"

file_uploads = On

upload_max_filesize: "4M"

upload_max_filesize = 4M
short_open_tag: Onshort_open_tag = On
php_short_tags: Onphp_short_tags = On

Apache server settings

If you have mod_security installed on your apache web server, please ensure that it is disabled.

safe_mode must also be disabled.

ImageMagick library

Optionally ImageMagick library can be installed and enabled on the server. To check if the library is installed launch system information in Joomla - Site / System Information under PHP Information and check for the following:

How to check your server configuration?

Select System --> System Information from the drop-down menu on the Back-end of your Joomla! installation.

The System Info screens provide useful information about your host server environment, including operating system, PHP settings, and directory access settings. You can navigate to five different screens:

  • System Info,
  • PHP Settings,
  • Configuration File,
  • Directory Permissions,
  • PHP Information.

Each screen provides detailed information about that aspect of your Joomla! website.

This information is very helpful when you are troubleshooting setup problems. Note that none of these settings can be changed from these screens. That must be done in other places, depending on the specific setting. The settings in the Configuration File screen can be changed from the Global Configuration screen. The other settings shown here depend on your host server configuration and cannot be changed from inside Joomla!

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