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Each listing can have as many products as you need. Products can be found on the "Products" tab of each Listing item on the frontend of the website


Access Products section of JomDirectory

You can access Products section of JomDirectory by clicking on the Products item in the Sidebar as seen on the following screenshot

Creating A New Product

The following image shows the Products screen.

Screen 1: Products screen                      

The following table explains the different options seen on the screen.




Creates a new Product entry.


Provides the edit mode to make changes to the existing product.


Publishes the created product entry.


Removes the entry from the list of published product entries


Archives products entries that are not used anymore.


Deletes the product entry that is not required anymore.

OptionsNaviagate to the options screen in JomDirectory.

Edit Product

If you want to edit existing entries, you can either click the entry from the Product screen or select the checkbox next to the entry, and then click Edit.

Edit Product tab

This tab provides options to add title, description, select category, and other options for the Product as seen in the following image:

Screen 2: Edit Product screen

The following table shows the options available:




Edit Listing area


Title for the Product.



URL alias for “SEF/SEO” URL.



Category where the product will be published.



Provide the tags for the listing. Tags are integrated and maintained with Joomla Tags Component.

 SKUShort for stock-keeping unit, SKU is a unique numerical identifying number that refers to a specific stock item in a retailer's inventory or product catalog. The SKU is often used to identify the product, product size or type, and the manufacturer.
 QuantityQuantity of that specific product in the warehouse
 Brand IDID of the brand to which this product belongs


Summary / Full Description

Provide a description for the product.

You can create a short description as well a long description.


In the above image, a tag appears when you click Read More. Any content above this tag is the short description while the entire content is the long description. Also, note that if there is no content after the Read More tag, the product description will be blank when users view the listing. Ensure that you have content after the Read More tag.

Joomla Articles area


Click to select a relevant article. If an article is provided, it can be seen under the Details tab in the listing.




Price of that specific Product

 Previous PricePrevious price of the Product. If exists, a previous price will be visible on the Product tab on the Frontend, showing the increase or decrease of the price
 Product VATVAT of the Product can be entered here
 FeaturedEnable to make the listing appear as featured listing.



Enable to approve the listing. Listing will not be published.



Select the language for which the listing needs to appear for. For multiple languages, you must create separate entries for each language.



Select the required status.

  • Published
  • Unpublished
  • Trashed
  • Archived


Created by

Select the user who created the listing.



Provide the access level for the listing.

  • Guest
  • Public
  • SuperUsers
  • Registered
  • Special


Date created

Select the date when the listing was created. You can select a future date for publishing the listing as well.


Publish Up

Select a date when you want to publish the listing. Here too, you can schedule to post the listing at a future date.


Publish down

Select a date when the listing should stop being published.


Modified Date

Select a date when the listing was modified.



This is an auto-generated field.

Custom Fields tab

This tab includes all the custom fields created for a particular category. If the custom field is not applied to a specific category, it can be seen for all categories when creating a listing. The following image shows the Custom Fields tab screen.

Screen 3: Custom Fields tab

For more information about creating custom fields, see Custom Fields.

Images tab

This tab includes information about images and videos attached to the listing. Before you can add images to the product, you must save your product at least once. This ensures that all the other data you have filled for the product does not disappear after the images are added.

The Images tab can be seen as shown in the following image:

Screen 4: Images tab

To set the Order of the images (which one displayed first) drag and drop images to switch positions.

The first image in the gallery is used as the image thumbnail for the product.

Provide the options as shown in the following table.






Add file area

Add Files

Click to select the image that needs to be uploaded.



Drag & Drop Files Here

Drag a bunch of images to this area to upload multiple images.



Upload Into

Select which category the image falls under:

  • Slideshow - detailed view main gallery

  • Gallery - in gallery tab

  • Logo - displayed in


    under custom fields and over the image with transparency in listings page.



Add available images & attachments

Click to add already uploaded images and attachments to this listing.


Images area

Editing an Image


The options are as seen in the following image: You can provide a title, select group where the image will be displayed. The groups include Slideshow, Gallery or Logo.


Click the   Delete icon to delete the image.


Attachments area


Click the   Edit icon to edit an attachment that is linked to the listing. The screen is as shown here:


Click the   Delete icon to delete the attachment.

Attachments are detected automatically based on file extension that’s are allowed in Configuration .

YouTube Video


Provide the YouTube video URL in this field as shown in the following image.


Metadata tab

This tab includes the Meta title and Meta description for the listing as shown in the following image:

Screen 5: Metadata tab

Rules tab

This tab includes information about the permission status. For more information about setting permissions, see the Joomla documentation.

Screen 6: Rules tab


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