The frontend admin lets users control their own listings as well as the membership and billing functions.

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Profile / Edit Profile Settings

  • Name*
  • Username
  • Registered Date
  • Last visited date


  • Password ,Confirm Password
  • Email Address*, Confirm email Address*

Basic Settings

  • Editor - (Installed Editors, by default "None", "Code Mirror" and "TinyMCE"
  • Time zone - Choose the timezone by country/state
  • Frontend language - (Installed frontend languages)
  • Backend Template Style - (Installed backend templates)
  • - (Installed backend languages)
  • Help Site


Logo - upload a image file in the formats jpg, png ____ with a maximal size of _____ .


  • Total Listings
  • Pending Listings
  • Total Reviews
  • Most Viewed




  1. Insert New
  2. Publish
  3. Unpublish
  4. Delete


  1. Search / Clear
  2. Sort By - Latest, Updated, A-Z, Rate ACS, Rate DESC, Most Viwied
  3. Per Page (Items per page)
  4. Category

Screenshot Listings Page


Add New

New Listing

Title * Title for the Listing.
Alias URL alias for “SEF/SEO” URL.
Category * Category where the listing will be published.
Address Choose the address from the dropdown menu buttons.
Full address Full address for the listing
  • “Published” Items will be visible in the front-end.
  • “Unpublished” Items will be invisible in the front-end but intended to be published.
  • “Archived” Items are old items which are not ready for deletion yet.
  • “Trashed” Items are old items that should be removed.

Access level for site users.

  • Public access grant access to everybody.
  • Registered access grants access only to registered and logged in users.
  • Special access only grants access to users specified as “Special”.
Featured Promote / Feature the listing on the front-page.
YouTube Link any video without “http://” or “https://” - type the url as “www.domain.tld”

Type your description here, the functionality is the same as main Joomla articles.



To create a listing short description use the "Readmore" Button.
Functionality is the same as in Joomla articles. See "Short Description" below for more information.


Short Description

By utilizing the "Read More" function you can define a "Short Description" as shown on the image below.

"Read More" Button screen-shot:

Short Description Display

Short description frontend screen-shot:


GEO location based on Google Maps.

For the Address & Street, House No fields please refer to the Listing Fields table and the Address & Street, House No Illustration screen-shots.

Maps latitudeLatitude of the listing location.
Maps longitudeLongitude of the listing location.
Maps searchSearch for a location.

Location - Listing Display

The address and location setting effect the listing page as shown below in the screen-shots:

"Address" & "Street, House No."

"Street, House No." will set the map location only if the location "maps Search" setting has been left blank.

Location "Map Search"

"Street, House No." setting is overridden on the map by the "Maps Search".


Listing Images – show listing images in a slide-show or gallery.

Before you add an Image.


Save your Listing before you add any image, otherwise the form will be cleared!

Add & Edit Image

To Add an image click on the "Add Image" Icon on the left bottom of the image as illustrated below.

Screen-shot: Add Image Button

To Edit an image click on the "Edit Image" Icon on the left bottom of the image as illustrated below.

Screen-shot: Edit Image Button



Image Title.


Image publishing status.


Image order, smallest number comes first.


Display the image in the listing page slider or in the gallery as illustrated on the screen-shot below. 

Screen-shot: Listing Image Group
Screen-shot: Edit Image

Delete Image

To delete an image click on the "Delete Image" Icon on the left bottom of the image as illustrated below.

Screen-shot: Delete Image Button

Meta Data

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description

Membership Plans


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