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Administration dashboard gives you an overview of all the activities you can do using the JomDirectory extension. It provides you with a view of all the menu items, system configuration checks, licence information, and links to the documentation.

Screen 1: Dashboard screen

Menu Items

The Dashboard area mainly comprises of Menu items, an overview of listings and the graphical statistics about the offer views and offers added. The overview of listings and users are seen at the top area of the dashboard while the reports are seen below them.

The Menu items are present in a list format on the left-hand side of the screen. The following image shows the Menu items present on the dashboard screen.

Screen 1:  Menu items area

Menu Items



Home or dashboard for the JomDirectory extension

Directory Listings

Shows the Listings administration screen

Directory Categories

Shows the Categories administration screen

Custom Fields

Shows the Custom Fields administration screen


Shows the Address administration screen

UsersShows the users administration screen

Membership Plans

Shows the Membership Plans administration screen


Shows the messages received

Reviews: Categories

Shows the Reviews administration screen to add review parameters for each category. For example, Quality, Customer Service, and so on.

Reviews: Recommended

Shows screen to add recommended audience for the listing or category. For example, For young people, Gizmodo, and so on.

PaymentsShows the payment related information.


Import to or Export data from JomDirectory extension.

Add New

Create a new listing quickly.

OptionsShows the configuration management screen.

System Checks

Any configuration problems or current configuration status is displayed in this area as shown in the following screen:

Screen 3: System configuration checks area

Need Help area

The Need Help area includes links to documentation, knowledge base, community forum and supports tickets. You can use this information for any additional help required when using JomDirectory. 

The following image shows the License area on the dashboard screen.

Screen 4: Need Help area

Information area

The Information area displays the JomDirectory version that you are using along with the build details. It also states whether you are using the latest version.

Screen 5: Information area

Table Of Contents


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