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Custom Fields Templates

Custom Fields display is being handled by the templates.

Before you start some basic HTML/CSS skills are needed.

Templates are located under the component templates directory path:


By default there are 3 custom field templates:

  • default.php [vertical]
  • horizontal
  • horizontal-float

When edited structure looks like this:

You can use any HTML structure and style using the component CSS files.

Custom Field styles are located in main component CSS file: assets/css/jomdirectory.css

Set Custom Field Template

To assign a template to a custom field, edit custom field in component backend under Custom Fields, then just choose the desired template:

Create a New Custom Field Template

Just copy one of the current templates, change name and edit. The new template appears under Custom Field Template.

You'll also need to create a corresponding translation in language file: components\com_jomcomdev\language \en-GB\en-GB.com_jomcomdev.ini change "en_GB" in path to match your language.

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